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St. Cloud's Premier
Sand Volleyball Destination

Head into the Fall by signing up for one of our sand volleyball leagues. We have games on Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. So whether it's a Tuesday night and you want to come drink a beer and hop in a game or you want to test your skills with a team in one of our leagues, Duck's Sports Bar and Grill is where you need to be. Fill out the form below or stop into the bar for more information on how to sign up!

Fall League Information

  • All leagues will be 6-person Co-rec
  • Double Header League
  • No Entry Fee Required
  • Play will begin after Labor Day
  • Call or email with questions!

Sand Volleyball Registration

Current Volleyball Standings


Sand By Me 24-6
Granite City D.J's 21-9
Hitting It Hard 20-10
Dayta Diggers 16-14
Unique Hitters 13-17
Here 4 The Beer 12-18
Oakies 9-21
Sandstorm 5-25

Tuesday Upper Division

Luther Honda 34-8
American Family 31-11
Ducks 22-20
The Wiz 21-21
One armed bandits 15-27
Microballers 3-39

Tuesday Lower Division

Id Hit That 35-7
Garys pizza 34-8
Classy Cloud 28-14
Protected Sets 25-17
FGHC 23-19
Epromos 20-22
Ducks 17-25
Butt Setts 14-28
Swat team 8-34
Who gives a hit 4-38

Wednesday Upper Division

Kiss my Ace 35-7
OUCH 27-15
Quality over quantity 26-16
The Wiz 23-19
CW outfitting 11-31
Set it and forget it 4-38

Wednesday Lower Division

Luther Honda 30-12
Integration crossfit 29-13
No diggity 26-16
I'd Hit It 25-17
2 bump chumps 22-20
Six pack 23-19
Dat Ace Doe 18-24
Summer fun 16-26
Orville ready blockers 12-30
I'd Hit That 9-33

Thursday Upper Division

Set on the beach 37-8
Floor play 35-10
Krillian 30-15
GLAM 29-16
Cobra kai 28-17
Johnny mustard 28-17
Poonies 16-29
Mass confusion 12-33
Dat Ace Doe 5-40
Hit n run 5-40

Thursday Lower Division

Beer me 31-14
Ballsagna 30-15
I'd Hit It 25-20
Vballin 24-21
Oh that team 14-31
Hittin it hard 11-34